Solar Return Report

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This is for a Solar Return Chart and report. This will be emailed to you. We need name, email, birth day, birth time and birth location. In addition we also need the YEAR you want the solar return done for and the location (city state) you will be living for that year. You will receive an email with your detailed report along with a color version of your chart. We use house system Placidus if you want a different house system used request it in the notes.

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Your Solar Return chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment that the Sun returns to its natal position each year. The chart is cast for the exact date and time of day for this event, which might be one day before or after your actual birthday. Note that an accurate birth-time for your own chart is necessary for an accurate Solar Return chart. This chart speaks to your year, from birthday to birthday. Analyzing the planetary positions, and the aspects that they make to each other, gives extremely accurate and valuable information regarding the qualities and the key challenges for this year-long period of time. The feeling of this new Solar Return phase kicks in a few months before your birthday each year.

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