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Almost useless???

When I purchased the strophalos it was not specified that it comes without the string tu pull and make it work. I feel like I bought a car without tires.

Strophalos Crystal Grid
Maryna Pushkar
Nice and great quality

Amazing thing! Great quality! I definitely recommend it! Fast delivery !

A personalized gift

Last year I ordered two special picks for loved ones. It was a hit by making my friends delighted. This year 6 friends received these specialized gifts picked to match their spiritual personality. Win win win!

Water Tarot Card Holder
Sally Colbert
Perfectly on time

Zen and Meow has always come through to make my holiday prep easy and on point. Beautiful products, high creativity, appreciated speed in filling my orders.



Malachite TUMBLED
Janice McFarland
Tumbled stones

Good sized stones. Quality product. Very happy 😁😁😁

Great Customer Service

This company was easy to work with. There was an error with my order and they replaced it right away. No hassle. No extra cost.

From the Heart

This is my second purchase with Zen and Meow. I was happy to see many new pieces in your line. The small and large card holders give anyone the opportunity to center within the Self placing their cards to see everyday. Choosing personal cards for anyone empowers a person. Thanks for the many gifts going out to many corners of the globe.


So beautiful... question is? what deck for this beautiful image!

poppy perfect!

just beautiful!

Earth Tarot Card Holder
Caryn Morgan
Love these products

I was inspired to get my tarot group the card holders for Yule. They are fantastic. And a hit.


They were exactly as described

Being Here Meow

I bought this grid 2019ish, I believe.

From Jamba in Eugene Oregon. It was a birthday gift to myself.

I had an inclination, but honestly had no idea of it's use. It was love at 1st sight. I did not hesitate, not even an iota, to buy it. We were meant for each other. :)

Then I saw the cute sticker Zen and Meow on the bottom and felt an all encompassing hug from the universe, granting me a happy birthday. The name of your business is intricately connected with in my heart. Many thanks for the warm and fuzzies.

I came her today to check out what it was all about, see what other cool things you offered, and to tell you, that you are f'ck'n AWESOME and I greatly appreciate your work.

Another neat deal is, that today I found out that it's made from Birch and that's my favorite tree!!! Awwwww so good.

I don't know if I've been using it in the official way but my heart definitely led me in a direction. I will see in a moment after pressing enter. I nervously giggle within myself thinking of what energy I may have stirred up...... I am a human after all. Well.... a little bit. :)

Many blessing to all who create the goodies. Keep planting seeds. <3

Pink Tourmaline TUMBLED Pink Tourmaline

Beautiful work

The workmanship is excellent. Very nice high-quality piece delivered on time. Thank you.

Very pretty board

This is my first pendulum board ever, and I wanted one that was somewhat simple. This was the one for me! It's beautiful and I love that its unfinished in case I ever want to paint it myself later on. Thanks guys!

Beautifully done!

The grid is beautifully designed and nice quality. Shipping was fast and it was packaged carefully. Love it!

Very nice.

I cleared both boards and played around a little! Was very accurate according to previous readings. Love that they are wood, so they'll last!

Heavy duty grounder!

Love shungite and this tumbled guy is awesome! Slept with this little guy above my bed last night and I slept like rock! No pun intended😹! Thank you for wonderful service!

Exceptional Black Tourmaline!

I got this with my first purchase from Zen and Meow and I am beyond pleased! This piece is a substantial chunk and I love how the body of the crystal was left rough but both points were polished beautifully! One of my new favorites here. Can’t help but feel extra protected and grounded with this piece of black tourmaline. Thank you!

I’m obsessed!

This is my first time ordering from Zen and Meow and this is my first black moonstone and I could not be more happy!! And the price was excellent! I love all moonstone and labradorites and this one has proven exceptional! Great size and wonderful customer service! Will definitely be shopping with you again!

great quality

The pendulum board is finely woodbunt. its such a pretty piece better than the picture

Love it….I Bought 2

AWESOME 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Wolf Pendulum Board
Amalia Checca

Wolf Pendulum Board

I returned the board.

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