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Pink Tourmaline TUMBLED Pink Tourmaline

Beautiful work

The workmanship is excellent. Very nice high-quality piece delivered on time. Thank you.

Triple Moon Pendulum Board
Valarie Stadnyk
Very pretty board

This is my first pendulum board ever, and I wanted one that was somewhat simple. This was the one for me! It's beautiful and I love that its unfinished in case I ever want to paint it myself later on. Thanks guys!

Beautifully done!

The grid is beautifully designed and nice quality. Shipping was fast and it was packaged carefully. Love it!

Very nice.

I cleared both boards and played around a little! Was very accurate according to previous readings. Love that they are wood, so they'll last!

Heavy duty grounder!

Love shungite and this tumbled guy is awesome! Slept with this little guy above my bed last night and I slept like rock! No pun intended😹! Thank you for wonderful service!

Exceptional Black Tourmaline!

I got this with my first purchase from Zen and Meow and I am beyond pleased! This piece is a substantial chunk and I love how the body of the crystal was left rough but both points were polished beautifully! One of my new favorites here. Can’t help but feel extra protected and grounded with this piece of black tourmaline. Thank you!

I’m obsessed!

This is my first time ordering from Zen and Meow and this is my first black moonstone and I could not be more happy!! And the price was excellent! I love all moonstone and labradorites and this one has proven exceptional! Great size and wonderful customer service! Will definitely be shopping with you again!

great quality

The pendulum board is finely woodbunt. its such a pretty piece better than the picture

Love it….I Bought 2

AWESOME 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Wolf Pendulum Board
Amalia Checca

Wolf Pendulum Board

I returned the board.

Wood Engraved Pendulum Board #4 Crystal Grid


LOVE this moon phase tarot card holder! i like to look at it even without any cards! as the moon phases are just perfect! AND Zen/Meow was kind enough to leave mine in the natural birch wood!


I bought both magnets and they are super cute!

I haven't used the crystal grid #2, I'm still learning how to set one up. But the grid itself looks great.
Thank you for reaching out.

Great amplifier

Love the balance this grid brings. Well made and beautiful.

If you're considering it - BUY it!

Beautiful and exactly as described

poor quality

I am very disappointed in the quality, It is made out of card board, if it got wet it would shred.

Carnelian hearts

We are very happy with the quality , size and fast delivery of this hearts we definitely get more

Bulk Lots
Patty Weick
Bulk grid purchase

I was satisfied with my purchase. There was a good variety of different sizes and designs. I purchased them to use for myself and for gifts.

Cross and triangle set
michael kaltschnee

Cross and triangle set

useful tool

I use it to clear crystals I use in my energy practice. Very useful and practical for setting crystals on for clearing!

Selenite DISC 3 Inch
Valerie Polanco
Love it

I love this disk. Perfect size for my smaller stones.


The labradorite heart delighted my friend in Hawaii for her Spring birthday. I coupled the labradorite with one of the Zen and Meow’s grids. A perfect perch for her deity.

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