January Crystal Grid Subscription Box - Protection & Removal of Negativity

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at kelly@zenandmeow.com.

Here is a break down of what your box contains. This grid is for Protection as we roll into the Winter Season.

  1. Wood Crystal Grid Mandala
  2. 1 Grade A Tourmaline Standing Point $30 Retail
  3. 4 Pieces of Selenite
  4. 4 Pieces of Black Tourmaline
  5. 4 Pieces of Gummy Garnet
  6. Free Gift - Chakra Bag

First take your BlackTourmaline  piece and put it in the center of your grid. 

Next take your 4 Selenite and place them on the grid symmetrically. You may follow our pattern or do it intuitively.   

Next take your 4 Pieces of Black Tourmaline and add them to the grid. 

Finally add your 4 Garnet


At this point you can speak your intention for the grid.  Whatever area of your life you are looking for protection and removal of negativity or it can be your whole life in general.  

Please tag us on facebook, instagram  or tiktok with a photo or video of your grid if you'd like.  

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