What is a Crystal Grid?
Crystal grids are a form of art and manifestation all in one.  Creating a crystal grid is a powerful way to manifest your intentions, goals and dreams.  With a crystal grid you are harnessing the power of the earth by using crystals and stones, the power of the universe by placing them in a sacred geometric pattern and the power of yourself  by infusing the grid with your intention. This combination increases the focus of your intention and assists in bringing it forth. 

The stones you choose for your crystal grid are important.  Choose stones that resonate with the intention you are setting. For example, if you are creating a grid for abundance, you would want to choose stones such as pyrite, green aventurine, citrine, etc.  

Some common intentions that people create crystal grids for are: self healing, love, abundance and protection.  Many people create grids for world peace and global healing. You can literally create a grid for anything, be creative, be artistic and most of all have fun. 
Crystal grid