Strophalos designed by Jason Miller

Size Guide

Strophalos designed by Jason Miller for the Sorcery of Hekate program. You may choose between Maple plywood or walnut. It is 6 inches in diameter and the 2 holes are just over 3mm.

If you would like to use your own design contact us, otherwise Jason's will be used.


Customer Reviews

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Braden Krellwitz
Everything I expected it to be

It's great. No complaints here, and I'm very grateful to have been able to order such a fine product.

JoAnna Beug

It’s beautiful! I had to purchase a. Few more items as well. Very nice work!

Mat Auryn

I recently got this Strophalos that Zen and Meow made for SoH, figured out the right cord thickness and length for its size and weight. Holy crap! I’ve never had a strophalos that made such an amazing wooshing sound when used before and I’ve used several in my practice (as well as for other courses)! Definitely recommend it. I used a 6 mm cord and for length I did a little bit more than shoulder width (and then doubled it to make a loop). I used piping cord but assume any cord of that thickness and length would work.

Thomas Billmann
I really do like the Strophalos, but the orientation of the snake and one sigil were a little bit...

The Strophalos is well made, mine is from oak.
It is burned out by laser cutting and smell a little bit after burned wood at the beginning.
In all its really nice, but the orientation of the snake and one of the sigils were different as on the pictures I saw before.
The seller requested my questions to Jason and I get the answer that the sigil and the snake are in the right orientation.
I'm really happy about this feedback, because I do like this Strophalos.

Valkyr Johnson

I love Jason Miller's classes. I really wanted to work with the stropholus. It seemed beyond my skills to make it nice enough. The Zen and Meow stropholus was beautiful and it helped my practice. Thank you for the amazing woodwork.

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