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Custom Wood Engraved Astrology Relationship Chart - Composite Chart

Product image 1Custom Wood Engraved Astrology Relationship Chart - Composite Chart
Product image 2Custom Wood Engraved Astrology Relationship Chart - Composite Chart

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You will receive a custom wood engraved relationship astrology chart. Turn around time on this product is 1 week. The sizes are 6, 9 and 12 inches. This is a chart that will show the compatibility between two people. The engraving is a composite Chart.

When you order you must include the following info for each person (two max for a relationship chart).
Name, Birth Date, Birth time and location of birth. If you do not know your time please try to guesstimate. The time you were born does effect your Rising sign and other factors, so be aware if you have the incorrect time it may not be completely accurate.

For an additional charge of $10 we can also send your full relationship report via email.

The Relationship Chart/Report for two individuals applies to any type of relationship. It focuses on the relationship itself, rather than on the individuals who make it up. First a composite chart (mid-point chart) is created. The composite chart represents the fusion of energy that two people create when they come together in relationship. It is a third being. Like a child, it inherits qualities of both parents, though it has a life all its own and exists independently of either of them. The following interpretations should be regarded as being for the relationship itself, taken as an independent entity.

If you get the report it will include: each planetary placement and aspect is examined to reveal the basic qualities of your relationship, with the most important factors described first. Please keep in mind that these descriptions are not meant to put limitations on the relationship, but merely to describe its inherent tendencies. Challenging aspects can become the greatest strength of a relationship if you can both learn how to successfully navigate those issues, with good communication between you playing a vital role. For definitions of astrological terms, please refer to the glossary at the end of this report.

It is worth getting the REPORT for this chart as well.

If you are looking just for the report and not an engraved chart click here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/568749752/relationship-chart-and-report-composite


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